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‘How Social Policy Research Shapes the World You Live In’ Exhibition at the gallery@oxo

Super excited that my doctoral research and PrEP research with my colleagues (Timothy Hildebrandt and Leticia Bode) was featured in visual form in a unique exhibition at the gallery@oxo (January 10-20, 2019) organised by the Department of Social Policy at the LSE. Given the challenge of presenting academic research in a gallery space, we distilled our work into a series of provocative statements drawn from our findings in the style of marketing ads. The pieces (on this page) are entitled: “Without oil drilling…many LGBT NGOs in Canada wouldn’t survive” and “Where in England is PrEP?” You can still see the pieces up close in their permanent post-exhibition home in the main corridor of the LSE Department of Social Policy.

In the Guardian: “No more excuses: the NHS must fund the drug that stops people getting HIV”

Read the op-ed written with my colleagues Timothy Hildebrandt and Leticia Bode, based on our PrEP research and featured in The Guardian.

"Success and Survival: Research on the Canadian LGBT Nonprofit Sector" @ the LGBT+ Philanthropy Summit

I was so honoured and excited to be the opening plenary session speaker for the LGBT+ Giving Network's fourth annual summit, Come Together: The LGBT+ Philanthropy Summit in Toronto. I presented preliminary findings from my doctoral research on:

  • Current LGBT nonprofit sector trends in Canada:

    • Government funding of LGBT organisations

    • Opportunities and challenges in developing philanthropy as a long-term funding strategy

    • The growing convergence between corporate donors and LGBT organisations

  • A possible future for LGBT organisations in Canada

Drawing upon my preliminary research findings, I engaged with a broader question that is of academic interest to me but is also becoming increasingly pertinent to LGBT organisations in Canada: As the dynamics of the LGBT sector change with a more inclusive society that is in large part the product of LGBT organisational efforts, where might LGBT organisations 'lose out' when they get what they want? 

“Without oil drilling…many LGBT NGOs in Canada wouldn’t survive’

“Without oil drilling…many LGBT NGOs in Canada wouldn’t survive’

“Where in England is PrEP?’

“Where in England is PrEP?’